Geo Comix
Terms & Conditions of Use

Last updated on  2022  May 29th

The Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "T&C"), subject of the present document, are concluded between :

  • Geo Comix SAS, a simplified joint stock company with a share capital of €64,985, whose registered office is located at:
    - 5, place des Coureauleurs, Le Gabut - Bât J,
    - 17000 La Rochelle (France)
    and registered in the La Rochelle Trade and Companies Register under number 520 830 357; acting within the framework of the present document in its capacity as developer of the "Geo Comix" software (hereinafter "Geo Comix"), which is accessible in the form of a web app at the following URL: (hereinafter "The WebApp") ;
  • the User of Geo Comix (hereinafter "the User") who works on the Site to translate Graphic Novels, Comics and/or Manga in digital form (hereinafter "Digital Files"), and who may be either:
  • A User who transmits to Geo Comix SAS Digital Files to be uploaded on Geo Comix, having the full legal capacity of a right-holder (hereinafter "Right-holder");
  • A User who is authorized by the Right-holder to work on the Digital Files on Geo Comix, according to the indications provided by the Right-holder to Geo Comix SAS.

Geo Comix SAS alone reserves the right to modify these T&C at any time, depending on the evolution of the services offered on the Site. The User is invited to consult them regularly in order to be informed of the most recent changes.The use of the Site, and the prior validation of Actialuna's estimate by the Right-holder, imply full acceptance of the T&C in force. No waiver by a User of these T&C may be invoked against Geo Comix SAS.

Article 1: Main features of Geo Comix

For the User, the main functions of Geo Comix are:

  • A translation interface that allows to navigate in the Digital Files to work on the translation of the transcribed texts (including handwritten texts) by the Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter "AI") developed by Actialuna in partnership with the University of La Rochelle (see Article 9.3).
  • A warning tracker which allows you to track down common errors in comic book translation such as (1) missing translations, (2) exceeding the speech bubble volume texts, (3) incomplete translations or (4) pre-translations not verified by a human before expo
  • A proofreading feature which allows a user who is not the author of the text (typically a proofreader) to choose between direct editing or the possibility of proposing alternative versions to the proposed translation.
  • An automatic translation function via the DeepL™ API, that the User can request if desired directly in the Geo Comix interface.s, Comics and/or Manga in digital form (hereinafter "Digital Files"), and who may be either:
  • A collaborative annotation function that allows Users to comment and exchange information on the translation of a Digital File.
  • An export function for data extracted and/or produced by Users in:
  • .csv
  • .xlsx → Microsoft™ Excel™
  • .docx → Microsoft™ Word™
  • .jslx → for Adobe InDesign™
  • An import function in Adobe InDesign™ allowing to import:
  • Translations made in Geo Comix;
  • The typographical formatting of the translations (bold, italic...) correctly made in the geometry of the comic book (boxes, bubbles), managing a shift of pages between the original version and the new edition containing the translation, provided that the body of the story is the same;
  • Users' annotations.

Article 1: Main features of Geo Comix

2.1. Creation of the User Account

To date, Geo Comix operates in private access.

Geo Comix SAS therefore ensures the creation of the account (hereinafter the "User Account") based on the email address transmitted by the Right-holder, to which Geo Comix SAS associates a unique password randomly generated.

Geo Comix SAS is then responsible for transmitting the User's identifiers.

The User is solely responsible for the confidentiality of the login and password required to connect to his User Account. It is therefore up to the User to take all appropriate measures to prevent third parties from learning of them.

Geo Comix shall in no way be held responsible for fraudulent or abnormal use of personal identification data by Users.

The autonomous creation of a User Account will be made possible when Geo Comix will go from private to public access.


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