We simplify your comics translation process

A productivity tool for all your translation projects of Comics, Manga and Webtoon.

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We help your translation team work more efficiently

No more Word/Excel

All your translations gathered and sync in one place to avoid sending plenty of files.

No more copy/paste

Import your translations in seconds at the right place, in your InDesign/PSD files.

Team collaboration

Proofread and comment translations.
Give instruction for lettering.

Track your translation

Be alerted immediately if there are any missing or exceeding translations.

Translation assistance

Pre-translate on demand with human validation requested as a safeguard.

Webtoon translation

Translate and letter fast your webtoon episodes.

Save time to translate more!

A one-stop solution

Collaborate in real time on your comics translations

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Your "Cloud for Comics"

Import and export from/to any kind of files on your Geo Comix WebApp account. Highly secured, you do not need WeTransfer anymore.

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Anytime, anywhere, keep an instant access to all the comic books you need to translate.
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All user actions saved in real time.
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Possibility to upgrade to a higher level of security via a dedicated server.

Connect your translation team

Translators, proofreaders, letterers… give them access to their projects, track their work each step of the way, approve it once they have finished.

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Stop wasting time in emails exchange and coordination: focus on core editorial tasks!
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To the benefit of all your translation team

Each feature designed to help them focus on their work


Identify better the text position and length


Correct or propose an alternative version


Focus on nothing else but the design 

What our users think about Geo Comix

"A considerable saving of time"

The tool is constantly updated, taking into account the feedbacks of our team.

Christopher Bradley
Manager at Europe Comics

"That really makes the difference"

For me, the best part is that I don't have to copy-paste from a Word archive anymore.

Jaime Valero
Translator at ECC Ediciones

"My translations seem more effective"

As a translator myself, I like to use their automatic pre-translation feature as a basis to work on.

Florent Degletagne
Founder & CEO at Bliss Comics
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